Be proud of who you are!

I am a Filipino but I do not like how the government governs its people rights and the nation. I’ve encountered a lot of people, some are good, few are bigot, most are kind and the rest are numb. I am so disappointed about the fact that others don’t even let us feel how to live as normal in our society. Others do blame us as they believe that we are the carrier of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other viruses that can get from sex with multiple partners, some are idiot to say that we are the reasons why flooding, earthquakes and other natural calamities do happen and majority are bigot to conclude that we should not exist.

I couldn’t stare at their post, comments and thoughts about (LGBT) us. I don’t know how to even encourage myself not to get affected by those unkind words they spoken. I am human, I get hurt, I lose out of temper and I get indignant but despite of all those shit I know God is the only one who can judge me.

We LGBT people have a lot to contribute to our community that would make this world a better place to live.

Let’s fight discrimination, naïve people and the fact that we are all human regardless of our sexual orientation we are all entitle to have our individual rights.

I am hoping to get your support and fight our right that they are trying to purloin from us.